Dinner in Pleiades Pool Restaurant

Pleiades Pool Restaurant, curated by the award-winning Greek chef Michalis Ntounetas, serving an extensive range of fresh prepared dishes inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean cuisine encompasses everything that is good in life; extra virgin olive oil, called the elixir of life! Fresh fruit and vegetables, always with utmost respect to seasonality and sustainability. Fish and seafood, coming from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and offering exquisite flavors, aromas and textures.



Pleiades Pool Restaurant
Island Flavors
The restaurant of Astro Palace is a vibrant, unparalleled melt pot of Santorini, hotel’s guests meet to relish a unique culinary experience. From day to night, a delicious world waits with our restaurant satisfying the most demanding appetites, however big or small. Natural colors and materials form a sophisticated space emanating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere of gentle simplicity. Smooth and simple just as the way the carefully chosen, fresh ingredients are intermixed, to become balanced delicacies served in this restaurant.

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