Astro Palace Hotel & Suites Location

The island in a world of its own

Santorini is a land of endless curiosities and the most exquisite pleasures. Steeped in ancient tradition and timeless beauty, yet moving forward with a cosmopolitan edge, it truly offers something for every traveler’s palette.

There are places you cannot “see” with words. There are no words to describe a land with so much life and history, that it makes you shiver. You have to be there. A place where color comes to life.

Exploring the magnificent

island of Santorini

Begin exploring the magnificent island of Santorini from its core, the mesmerizing village of Fira. The pulsing village has plenty of excitement to satisfy the urban aficionado, yet at the same time it beckons to those who desire a tranquil adventure under the beaming Greek sun.

Stroll down the picturesque alleys admiring the beauty of the extravagant mansions and churches that surround you, savor local flavors and indulge in the breathtaking sea views.

Astro Palace Hotel is located at the heart of the village only 300 meters walking distance from its central square. A private getaway situated at an idyllic location, offering tranquility and a peaceful state of mind, while at the same time it is only a short stroll away from the epicenter Fira.

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