Spa & Wellness

Let the warmth of the island soothe your soul.

Pampering yourself is essential for a truly Santorinian experience! Your vacation begins by giving your mind, body and soul a chance to relax and re-energize.

Welcomed by the warm, calming ambience the moment you walk into the Spa, you are reminded of why you needed to get away from it all … to simply relax.

With a focus on the most elusive of all luxuries – time – our signature treatments are designed to engage the senses, giving the mind and body time to openly receive the benefits of each therapy.

Explore the depths of your inner intention with relaxing massages, whether it be to discover the magic of romance at twilight or to replenish with a good night’s sleep, and choose a lane that best suits your specific needs.

Take your healthy vibe to the next level and make wellness part of your life with any of our inspired treatments.

Balance mind, body and soul, book an indulgent treat or simply seek out a bit of ‘me time’. in what is probably the most opulent environment you will find anywhere in Fira, also featuring a Private Pool and a Steam room.

With our collection of treatments you have just found the best space to truly unwind even when stressing over the most important day of your life. At our Spa you can organize a unique bridal shower, replenish and rejuvenate so as to look your absolute best for your grand moment!



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Private Pool & Jacuzzi Piece Of Paradise